Are you looking for out of this world Speed to Market?

C-Axis 360 is in Maple Plain, Minnesota. C-AXIS is a full-service contract manufacturer that is looking to partner with the medical device industry on the development of new technologies in the industry by providing a separate facility for pure prototyping and development activity. C-Axis is looking forward to improving our customer’s timelines on their Research and Development projects. Imagine doing design iterations in days vs. months. Onsite development with immediate DFM and capability feedback. Contact us today on how we can help your R&D team!

Capabilities we focus on for same day prototyping:

  • Cutting Edge Swiss Machining Capability
  • Cutting Edge Milling & Turning Capability
  • Next Generation Additive Machining (Metal 3D printing) Capability—highest resolution for minimal cost
  • Polymer 3D printing
  • Wire and Sinker EDM
  • Laser Manufacturing Cutting, welding, and marking

What C-Axis provides:

  • Equipment and a prototyping engineer and a technician
  • Available Materials for quick turn prototyping iterations
  • Manufacturing Experts to assist with design for manufacturability from the first prototype discussion
  • Program management for design history file and project management assistance
  • Process development and transition to production assistance

FDA Compliant ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016