Quality Systems

At C-Axis we refer to our quality policy as “C-Quality” this initiative brings focus throughout the corporation. C-Quality is a way of life at  C-Zeiss O-Inspect (2)Axis!

C-Quality is achieving perfect quality in everything we do.

C-Quality is exceeding customer, employee, and supplier expectations in every way.

We do real time Statistical Process Control (SPC) of critical features during in process inspection using automated data collection linked to Infinity QS system.  All data is analyzed in order to manufacture high quality accurate parts every time.

C-Quality means that our systems provide VALIDATION AND TRACEABILITY as we release orders through our business system (Job Boss) customer orders are traceable right down to the employee that ran the job, the material lot that was used, SPC data gathered through the manufacturing process, and the retention of all this data is backed up and stored off line.

Our employees are committed to give a hundred percent towards total attention to their work.  Comply with ISO 9000/ISO 13485 standards, regulations, policies and procedures, customer requirements, needs of other employees and supporting our suppliers.  C-Quality is about achieving the highest performance employees through employee screening and selection, the best training available, and utilizing the latest technologies available.

C-Quality is our key to success!
C-Quality means we have State of the Art Equipment and Capabilities:
  • Non-contact vision systems
    • Nikon Inexiv
    • OGP-Flash 200
    • Micro-Vu Vertex Measuring Center
  • Optical Comparators
  • Microscope ( located through manufacturing floor)
  • Digital micrometers and calipers
  • Thread gages
  • Go/No Go plug gages
  • Digital height gages
  • Laser Micrometer
  • Tool Scope
C-Quality means we use Statistical Analysis Tools everyday: